ISBN: 9780764820304

Author: Agnes Cunningham, SSCM

Edition: Paperback

Pages: 128


Augustine of Hippo is arguably one of the more influential Fathersof the Church, but it is not because of his famous works in theology andphilosophy that we look to him as a wisdom figure. In his search for truth,Augustine’s writings and ponderings tell of a wonderful story of conversion,reminding us of our own daily conversions. His wisdom, founded on and nourishedby his gifts of nature and grace, has its roots in the story of his conversion thattransformed his life—and through these passages, our own lives—into aconfession of praise.

InAdvent andChristmas Wisdom from St. Augustine, Agnes Cunningham, SSCM, uses passagesfrom St. Augustine’s writing to guide and inspire our journey this Advent season.His rich spiritual life forges the way to a season of humility as we continuedeeper into the mystery of the Incarnation.