ISBN: Hardcover: 979-8-88911-162-7, 240 pages


All Things Catholic: A Guide From A to Z by Shaun McAffee

“Shaun McAfee has put together a great and easy resource for learning more about the Catholic Faith. Whether you have been Catholic your whole life or are simply curious about joining, this book is one to have on your shelf and read.” — Archbishop Gregory Aymond, Archdiocese of New Orleans

One can spend hours searching for answers about the Catholic Faith and how to share it with others. There are a multitude of books that explain the various areas of Church teaching, but never — before now — a definitive desktop volume on more than 260 Catholic topics, from A to Z, featuring key definitions, teachings, practices, people, and resources for further reading.

This fascinating, one-stop guidebook delivers the intellectual tradition of the Church while providing practical Catholic applications, spiritual wisdom, and guidance on a broad range of topics, from the basics of the Faith to more current issues, such as transgenderism and yoga. 

These pages put timely and timeless information at your fingertips, whether you’re seeking information about a specific teaching, wondering about the Church’s stance on a social topic, or looking for inspiration to evangelize someone to the Faith. 

You will discover:

•    Catholic rules to live by from Scripture, Tradition, and the Catechism  
•    Answers to common questions about what Catholics really believe 
•    Refreshers on Catholic doctrine from the sacraments to moral theology 
•    Ways to defend important Catholic teachings in daily life 
•    Traditional prayers and important lists to remember

This is an ideal resource for Catholic school students, catechists, RCIA catechumens, and anyone seeking to understand and discuss Catholicism intelligently. It will be a frequently used, lifelong resource that will draw you in for longer reads than you expect.