by Bonnie L. Engstrom  (Author), Mariam Khoury Briggs  (Illustrator)

Once upon a time, but not so very long ago, a little boy lived in the middle of a town in the middle of the Middle West. The boy was named Peter John Sheen, but everyone called him Fulton. And poor Fulton had no idea that as summer came to an end he was about to begin a VERY BAD WEEK.

Fulton Sheen and the Very Bad Week is the retelling of true stories from Venerable Fulton J. Sheen's childhood. With beautiful illustrations and relatable storytelling, young readers will identify with and feel for Fulton as he encounters tough situations and makes mistakes throughout his very bad week. And, like Fulton, they will be reminded that Jesus loves them no matter what.

Written by the mother of Archbishop Sheen's "Miracle Baby," Fulton Sheen and the Very Bad Week is a great way to introduce children, classrooms, and families to America's Bishop.