Item #: 60358

The classic game of Scatergories®, with a biblical twist! Featuring Bible-based themes like Things in a Church, Animals on the Ark, Women in the Bible, Names for Christ, and more!

The fun begins with a roll of the die to select a letter, and then each player has 3 minutes to answer 12 questions, all answers starting with the selected letter and fitting the question theme. Your goal is to come up with answers that no one else will have.
After the timer runs out, all players compare answers for each question, and any answers that are the same are crossed out. Be the player with the most unique answers to earn the most points (bonus points for answers with alliteration) and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Includes everything you need to play – Card Folders, Answer Pad, 20-sided Letter Die, 48 Category Cards, and a Timer.