ISBN: 9780867164862

Author: Rock Travnikar, O.F.M.

Edition: Paperback

Pages: 80


A bestseller with over 165,000 copies sold since 1979, The Blessing Cup has helped families and small groups celebrate the day-to-day experiences of life together. Now expanded, this book includes 29 new prayer-rituals added to the original 40.

The prayer-celebrations are designed to nourish family and small-group unity in a spirit of sharing and love of God and each other. At the center of the rites stands a beautiful ancient tradition: sharing the cup of blessing. After reflecting on a brief passage from Scripture and offering the family's or group's joys, sorrows and needs to the Lord in prayers of petition, young and old alike drink from the blessing cup—an action richly espressive of praise, celebration and unity. The Blessing Cup offers prayer-celebrations for:

•the events of family or group life
•the milestones of Christian life
•holidays and seasonal feasts