ISBN: Hardcover: 978-1-59982-929-6

         Paperback: 978-1-59982-919-7

Empower and inspire kids to read, understand, and love the Word with The Catholic Children’s Bible! This full-color Bible features large print for easy reading, wondrous illustrations to bring Bible stories to life, and special sections that help kids go deeper into the Word.

  • Reading Plans with stickers guide children through themes like Great Stories of Faith, the Miracles of Jesus, Following Jesus, and The Mass
  • Children will know and understand God’s saving plan, revealed through 125 Feature Story spreads highlighting key Bible passages.
  • Understand It! sections enable children to comprehend central themes by using child-friendly backgrounds and commentary.
  • Live It! instructions encourage children to apply the meaning of each story to their lives through engaging activities and prayers.
  • Tell It! frames help children to retain and comprehend the passage by having them retell the story in their own words.
  • Vibrant illustrations immediately engage children and allow them to “dive in” to Scripture and become immersed in the stories.
  • Intentional navigational and design elements such as fonts built for early readers, increased line spacing, bold vocabulary words, colorized text, and column dividers help to make this a Bible children can easily navigate and read on their own