ISBN: 9781616361693

Author: Fr. Gary Caster

Edition: Paperback

Pages: 145


"Christmas is not the remembrance of something that happened in the past but the celebration of the way of life to which each one of us is called. We bring ourselves before the child to discover the hidden God humbling himself before the human family—naked, weak, hungry, and in need. If we can see the face of God in the child whose birth we celebrate, then we will see the face of God in the man whose death has set us free." —from the Introduction

The Little Way of Advent focuses on St. Thérèse's Little Way, as well as her deep insights into the Child Jesus and the Holy Face. Fr. Caster shows the connection between the innocent child and the crucified Savior, thus providing for a rich Advent experience. The Little Way of Advent provides material for each Sunday in the A, B, and C cycle, one for each weekday in Advent, and—as an added bonus—one for every day in the Christmas season.