ISBN:  978-1-64279-934-7


 The Most Amazing Harvest:  The Man Behind the Story...

By Pam Bates and Paula Patty


The continued story of how a town came together for one of their own.


The Most Amazing Harvest went viral because it was a love story. A group of people came together for a fellow farmer, not expecting anyting in return. Someone made the comment, “A farmer can ask for no better crop than a bountiful harvest of friends.”

Pam Bates and Paula Patty continue this feel-good story about a farmer in a small town who gained worldwide recognition.  Within The Most Amazing Harvest, they expand on the farmer’s struggle battling cancer and how his fellow farmers harvested his crops all in one day.  It is the God-inspired humble life story of the farmer behind that day.  The Most Amazing Harvest discusses who gave the farmer the peace he felt regardless of the struggles he faced and teaches how the miracles in the farmer’s life gave him everlasting hope.